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  1. Trip to Millau Bridge - Advice Wanted

    So what were some of the necessary requirements, and what were false rumors? It's always good to have reliable tips when biking in another country.
  2. Riding the south of France

    If you do go down by Nice, you won't be far from Monaco either and the roads between the two should be very scenic. You could hit up Monte Carlo for some gambling too, if you are into that.
  3. Have any of you ridden in any of the islands? How did you get your bike there? Can you book extra cargo and ship it with you on a cruise or does it have to go on a separate cargo ship?
  4. Biketoberfest in Daytona

    I would be in for the races alone. I heard you can ride your bikes on the beach there too, which would also be pretty fun.
  5. Endless Mountains region of PA

    I haven't been to Pennsylvania in years and even when I was, it was only the northwest corner as I rode up I-90. Judging by the pictures online, however, the Endless Mountains would be worth seeing!