How I Saved £100s and Have Great Front Brakes Again

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Today has been a great day!

Not only did I manage to cut down the jungle in my garden that is meant to be a lawn, but I also saved myself £300 for new front discs plus labour! :D

How come? Well, for months the front brakes on my GSX1300R K5 were grabbing and the brake lever was pulsing under braking. The first thing that came to my mind was that one or both of the front discs was warped. Even the mechanic thought it might be the same when he did the MOT on it.

However, today, while I was searching on a Hayabusa forum for the thread size for bobbins on the swinging arm, a result came-up for bobbins on the front brake discs. Well, I knew of the items but I had no idea that they were called bobbins!

Anyway, it seems that they are fitted to floating discs in order to allow slight movement (hence the floating bit). If they are clogged-up with brake dust, road dirt etc. the disc can can stuck in a slightly off centre position. This can result in symptoms similar to a warped disc.

The forum posting suggested searching on Youtube for "Cleaning Motorcycle Rotors", which I did. There are a number of very useful videos on there on how to free-up the bobbins. After obediently following the instructions, I now how restored brakes that no longer judder or pulse!

Thanks to the guys that went to the trouble of posting the videos.

Here is one of them...


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